Camping gear is typically seasonal, unless you are a hardcore backpacker or hiker, or just love the wilderness. However, for most people, it's a summer months sort of thing. That means that you will need to know what kind of camper you are before you go out and get a bunch of camping gear!

camping gear

If you just need something to get you by at the camp ground in your tent or trailer for a few days at a time, you can really get away with almost anything. Just a few extra tools, a tent, sleeping bags, and that's about it. With a more serious camper, hiker, or backpacker, however, you will definitely need to go more hardcore, get more gear, and spend a bit more money.

So where do you start looking? Sites such as are good places to start, as they do in depth lists and posts of the best camping equipment and then do reviews of each item they chose as the best in its category.

Definitely keep in mind what your needs are before you make any purchases, as you will likely save a load of money if you are really just a casual weekend camper. Nothing wrong with that, of course! We all love to get out and stay outdoors once in awhile, and if all we need is a good axe, some sleeping equipment, and a few other tools, we'll be thrilled!

I purchased my Andis Personal Trimmer around two months ago. I have to say that I am quite impressed with it - if you're looking for the best beard trimmer, look no further. Originally, I bought it for my boyfriend so he could have something to take with him on the road. I had done my research, comparing several different brands to see which one would work best for him.

Since the Andis personal trimmer is both a clipper and a trimmer, we both decided to give it a try. He was a little skeptical because it had a magnetic motor. We are both still pleasantly surprised with the longevity of the motor that this wonderful little trimmer has. The motor is so quiet that I can’t even hear it when he is using it in the next room. Even running for a lengthy period of time, it does not get as hot as many of the other trimmers that we have used in the past.

I love how small it is compared to the huge dinosaur that used to be in our bathroom. It is very light which allows me to get around my knees without cutting them. The blades ride on top of the skin which minimizes cuts and razor burn. Both of us have extraordinarily sensitive skin which makes this feature a huge plus for us.

This very handy trimmer is obviously made to withstand the rigors of professional use. My friend owns a hair salon and she recently wore out her trimmer. I suggested that she try out the Andis Professional Trimmer to see how it would stand up to professional use. She happily told me yesterday that she still has not worn out her first set of blades. This made her very happy because she is very busy and normally has to have her blades sharpened every month.

I would suggest this trimmer to anyone. I have been very pleased with this one and I have plans on continuing to buy from Andis. This is a great product for anyone to use anywhere. This has replaced my razor, his razor, and his previous trimmer. We bought a spare last month just so that we can use it at the same time since he was complaining I was using it too much. How many boyfriends can say that about their trimmers!

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